Why choose?

Advantages of timber frame houses:

  • In comparison to brick-houses, the building of timber frame houses does not require expensive substructure because of the weight of the construction.

  • The walls of the timber frame house are thinner and, for this reason, the living area and money are saved. The house still endures very warm and heats up faster than the brick-house.

  • In the building site, the house is installed during 3-6 days. Before the installation, the timber frame house is being manufactured about 2-4 weeks in the factory.

  • Timber frame houses do not deform during the exploitation, i.e. they doe not “subside”. In the factory, the walls of such house are manufactured in the horizontal position and compressed. The quality of manufactured production is much higher.

  • The building of timber frame houses is not influenced by the weather conditions because the frames are produced in the factories. The transportation is made directly from the transport and that is why the temporary accommodation in the building site is not required. Moreover, the building site remains clean, in other words, it is “clean building”.

  • Various materials can be used for the decoration of facades and outside finish.

  • The technical patterns of timber frame houses are not lower than of brick-houses. Moreover, the building is quicker and cheaper.


Timber frame house is a simple, fast and economic way for the building of the living house. These houses are quickly assembled, warm and environmentally-friendly. Moreover, a high quality of construction, house decoration, thermo and sound insulation are one of the main advantages of the timber frame houses. The frame of the timber frame house consists of laminar material construction, which is made of two oriented panels of lath and polystyrene foam between them. The measurement of the frame is designed individually for each project. However, these frames are convenient to transport and to build living houses. The main elements of the house, such as walls, ceiling and roof are assembled into frames. The frames are from 100 to 200 mm of thickness and weight about 75 kg. The heat resistance is from 2,762 to 7,024 m2 K/W. Timber frame houses are suitable not only for the projects of the living house but also for other buildings, such as summerhouse or commercial lodgment.  The process of building of such houses is very rapid.  On the finished foundation, one floor house is installed during 3-6 days by the qualified builders. There may be various ways of the facade decoration, for instance, wooden panel finish or masonry decoration (of splited bricks and clinker). Finally, there may be several techniques of roofing, for example, reed-roofing or concrete tile roofing.